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It Knows the Way!  

I had the pleasure of meeting Rev. Nancy Sue last year, in a rather unusual way. We met in what was the workings of true synchronicity. I was being guided to her, but did not know it. After writing her, she told me that I was meant to meet her and that she was being guided to teach me Reiki long distance. I live in British Columbia, Canada. She had not taught long distance before, so this was going to be new for both of us. Rev. Nancy Sue was there for me for every question, no matter how small it may have been; she wanted me to succeed. The First and Second Degree Attunements were a very unique experience and Rev. Nancy Sue made sure I was completely comfortable and was ready prior to receiving them. She has been a wonderful positive person to have in my life. I appreciate everything she has done for me.  Amber Akerman

Hi my name is Lisa and I would like to give a quick testimonial of when I received an angel reading concerning my son David the reading was so precise and so accurate I was able to get through the hardest time of my life so I want to personally thank Rev.Nancy Sue for all the love and patience she has shown me and for the beautiful reading that she email to me within her busy schedule thanks so much for showing me so much love what a difference it's made in my life

"During a Card Reading session, Rev. Tina Marie's warmth was felt immediately.  A beautiful and caring conduit for the Divine whose intuitive gifts are a true blessing, she knew to call upon the Faeries for messages of support.  What flowed through her, was precisely what I needed to hear, bringing much comfort and reassurance. I am so grateful.”  Lori

So far I had a couple of readings done by Rev. Tina Marie and I love how she gives the readings and she was so right about everything that she was telling me. I love her approach that she uses for her readings and look forward to my next reading with Rev. Tina Marie again. George

I want to thank Rev Nancy Sue for such an amazing energy healing session that she did for me.  I came to her when I felt lost and confused.  I won’t go into the issue, but Rev Nancy Sue with her angels and guides perform a miracle that keeps on surprising more and more as they days go by.  She started out the session with the issue that I wanted help with.
She then listened for guidance and had me get on her Reiki Table where she started with laying crystals on me while explaining what she was putting on me and why.  She then laid her hands on me and did Reiki work on me over the crystals, then she completed that with using a few instruments that I can’t remember what all they were, but she did show them to me after the session.  She then asked me to lay there and absorb the energies and healing, and to be aware of any messages or signs that might come through.  She said that she would have me lay there for thirty minutes and then she would do an angel card reading for me and would end with homework.
What Rev Nancy Sue brought for me was very informative and very understanding.  I was able to ask questions and get pictures of everything she did including the crystals that were on me, the musical instruments and energy sound tools used as
well as the cards and a write up of reading and results that were brought forward.  She gave me instructions on how to move forward and homework that would help me in that process.
Rev Nancy Sue with her divine guidance is leading me on my journey of a life time.  Since I have moved since this session, I have received two long distance sessions which created the opening and awakening of more within me.  Instead of laying the crystals on me physically, she used a photo of me and laid the crystals on the photo which was on top of a purple silk cloth.   
She worked out the time with me to be lying or sitting down in a peaceful quiet area and did the session.  She typed  verything up along with photos of what she used over my photo.  I received as much information and guidance with the long distance sessions as I did with the in person sessions.
I am so happy that Rev Nancy Sue is still able to assist me on my journey forward even though we are now a state away from her.  I do plan on having an in person session with her every time I come back home to visits my parents.
God Bless You Rev. Nancy Sue Meyer! Love, Cynthia from Pocatello, Idaho

Wow!!!  I have read and reread the reading that you just sent me.  It is so beautiful, brought me to tears and some major goose bumps at the end.  Rev Nancy Sue, I can’t thank you enough.  I will follow the advice given and I will cherish this reading from my angels and guides.  I love it so much and brought such a deep love and understanding of what has been going on and what I can vision and see for my future.  Love, Light and Blessings Dear Rev Nancy Sue, Leesa, Florida 

I have had several readings from Rev. Nancy Sue and after each and every one, with each one I have felt the heavy burdens  lifted from my spirit.  I have been able to have closure and the courage to move forward in my everyday life.  You are very gifted and I thank you for sharing your gifts with the world.  With many blessings and appreciation,   Ariana 

Rev. Nancy Sue is an amazing energy healer.  My Son was having sever headaches and nothing we did helped.  I was so thankful when I realized I knew an Energy Healer that could maybe help him.  Rev. Nancy Sue did Reiki on my Son and helped clear energy blocks that were causing his sever pain.   This was almost a year ago and he has had no headaches since... Blessings and Thank you from one Momma to another for your precious healing gift.   TW

My reading was beautiful; I have tears flowing down my face!  I was able to feel your energy of this reading in every word and sentence.  I shut my eyes after each sentence just to allow more absorption of the meaning and reasoning.  Your intention for my reading fully came to light with such love, compassion and clarity.  I really did feel your love and compassion and such divine wisdom that showed in how the words just flowed on the page.  Wow, I have NO words for it!!!

I was so excited that Archangel Michael came through with a message for me.  With your explanation of how his energy feels around me, you were so right on.  I know he has been with me many times but never had confirmation of that.  Thank you so very much Nancy Sue.  This reading was definitely very true and real for me.  You are very gifted and I am extremely appreciative of your compassion and love that showed through in my reading.  You are very gifted and I believe you when you shared some of my gifts with me as they felt so real with what I have been experiencing lately.

Thank you Reverend Nancy Sue, I thank you for your divine gifts, your beautiful divine soul, and I feel so truly empowered and will follow your action steps to the letter.  I promise!  And I am going to tell all my family and friends about you and your loving and powerful reading.   Sincerely, Teresa Lee 

I just wanted to say thank you  Rev. Tina Marie so much for the Angel Card Reading.   You have this beautiful ability to create a sacred space that enables you to reach into a place of deep awareness to allow for spiritual expansion and receive the most loving messages. 

You are so generous and caring and this was so apparent in the message and guidance you received for me and I can’t recommend you highly enough.   With love and blessings Rev. Saxon Knight

I am deeply grateful, thank you for your time and energy and this wonderful message. This message indeed resonates with me.  Lately I've been noticing I have been holding my breath. So getting back to a daily meditation is much needed. And yes play time, I have been trying to incorporate this into my work and home.  The dolphin energy is such a beautiful and gentle reminder to enjoy this journey of my life. Again thank you Rev. Tina Marie. Blessings to you dear one.  Love and gratitude, Julie

I have used many of Rev. Nancy Sue’s services throughout different challenging times that have come up and I needed to seek healing and council outside of my own abilities. I refer to her as the “healers healer”. She is truly a vessel of unconditional and compassionate love. If you are on the fence about using her for any service, please do yourself and soul a favor and go ahead and book a session with her. She has the most powerful, yet gentle healing touch in all that she has done for me and continues to do. The best part, she has never caused a healing crisis for me or any of my family members or animals she has worked on. To me that is huge, because yes there are times we will need to feel things, however when you are at a point of being fragile and vulnerable, it isn’t necessarily the time. Whatever she does, she does so without causing any further distress. I always feel energized and well after her healings or if she sets up crystal grids for me. As far as angel messages go, she truly is a divine channel and what I call a hollow bone, she is a clear channel for the messages to come through so eloquently and powerful. I absolutely love working with Rev . Nancy Sue, and you will too!!!  Love Jamie

Thank you very much Rev. Tina Marie for the reading.  I really liked the description of my card.  What you saw during the reading has made a difference about how I see things.  I feel more confident and more loved. Blessings for all the love and help you offer.  Patricia 

​​​"I loved very much the card reading Rev. Tina Marie did for me.  She was very certain and accurate about situations in my life and beyond.  The way she advises is illustrative, in detail and full of love.  An honest reading from a woman with very high intuitive abilities, and love.  God Bless you Tina Marie"  ​Lots of love to you, Chrissi


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