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A new moon is amazing energy, free for all to use in their highest good.  Use it to sent your Intentions for the coming 28 day moon cycle.   What is your deepest desires?

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​What is Human Design?

When we are simply part of the homogenized world, we do this in order to fit in. Our true nature does not get to express itself and this can make our life very painful and uncomfortable. This also inevitably leads to all kinds of wrong decisions. We need to acknowledge that we all have different requirements and needs. To understand your own unique nature is the first step towards self love and fulfillment.

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​Full Moons:

A full moon is so full on energy for us to tap into.  Remember to use that energy to move yourself forward and to release anything that no longer serve your highest good. 

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Trust Your Heart and Soul

It Knows the Way!  

Full Moon - July 25, 2015

This Full Moon is also called the Aquarius or the Blue Moon (which is really a Full Moon that appears twice within one month.  It is also called the Buck moon for the deer that start growing velvety hair covered antlers in July and Thunder Moon for the frequent thunderstorms that appear in the New England area. 

The Full Moon illuminates that which has been hiding in our psyche and with this Full Moon illumination, it shines such a brilliant light on that which is hiding, and brings it forward bared and exposed.

These are the hidden aspects that we have overlooked, or we may be in denial of, or may be the issues that we have been unaware of, but yet in fact, they limit our ability to manifest.

Our Aquarian Full Moon is indeed the rebellious one.  She dares to break those traditions that we have honored and lived with for so long!  In with breaking those traditions, she motivates humanity to work towards empowering and enlightening ourselves and all of humanity.

With her being the Water Bearer, I see her as pouring her knowledge over humanity, as she reminds us to express our authentic self, and in honoring those with different opinions.  Express your authentic self as she is reminding you that there is no need for you to prove why you feel the way that you do.  Be okay with what you believe as you are okay with what others believe.  So in other words, find balance in how we relate to ourselves as well as to how we relate to others.

If we can set personal boundaries so that we can stand in our own power, we can release the need to take power away from others as they stand in their own personal power.  If we can heal the issues around false power, we can succeed at this.  Can you imagine how peaceful this world can become if we allow ourselves to be truthful as we stand in our own power, but at the same time, honor those with a different view on issues
and allow them to stand in their own power?  We can agree to disagree without arguments or fighting.  What an amazing healing for all of us to accept and move through.

We are responsible for our own healings, and when we do our part in healing ourselves, the collective consciousness benefits and with those benefits the vibrations of the Mother Earth increase as well, which in the long run, will help all of humanity to heal, move forward and evolve.

I am hearing that during this full moon, there will be a lot of break through's for all of humanity.  Many will come as complete surprises and will leave you with your mouths hanging open per say.

My biggest suggestion is to follow the path that is illuminated for you, and work through the emotional issues as they come up.  Knowing that as these emotions surface, you want to acknowledge them and then release them. 

Remember as these issues are brought to surface, and as work through them and release them, they are assisting in breaking up patterns and help to shift your perceptions or illusions of what is around you. 

Personally for myself, I like to create ceremonies around the releasing of issues, emotions, and the things that no longer serve me for my highest good.  I find that it helps keep my focus, attention and intention.

I have written some suggestions that might assist you in the releasing and reclaiming.

1.  Use breath work:

Inhale taking in a cleansing breath and release what is no longer needed as you exhale.

2.  Write down on some paper the issues, beliefs, situations, emotions or people that you would like to release for your highest good, then take the list and burn it safely in the fire.  See the smoke carry away all those things that you are release for your highest good to the light for cleansing and purification.

3.  You can use essential oils to assist you in releasing:

On the bottom of your feet or along your spine use Cedarwood.

Over your third eye you can use Lavender, Sage or Chamomile.

You may be called to use other essential oils and therapies.  Follow your intuition.

Remember that whenever you release something you want to replace that empty space with things that you want.  So remember the time between this Full Moon and our next New Moon is the perfect way to go through the release and reclaim process as this is where you get her amazing moon energy support!  Known as the purification process which is essentially conscious awareness of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behavior to make sure they are rooted in universal truth.  When you consistently release incorrect information, you allow wholeness and the Pure Divine essence of our soul to be revealed to yourself and to all of humanity.

Going through the process of purification, which takes place on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, know that this represents the means that each of your souls can recognize and return to the divinity that lies within.

Do the best that you can you find and remain in balance as this amazing Full Moon by honoring those emotions as they surface and follow your heart and passions.  It is your passion that will guide and support you in creating the life that you desire.

Call on and allowing the amazing energies of Moon Goddess’s to assist you in pulling up, honoring and releasing what no longer serves you for your highest good.  You will create a better world for yourself and even better yet, all of humanity.

May all flow through this process of releasing and reclaiming that which is your Divine Birthright.

Blessings to all of you on your Journey to Your Divine Truth on your Divine Path.  Rev Nancy Sue Meyer