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                        Lunar Love 

Written by:  Emma Anne Lindgren  - 6/2015

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Energy of Love and Your Soul Song:

They come into my presence as a wave of energy that is so Divinely Pure. I feel this energy pulsing through all of my consciousness, my inner being, and the outer beings of my physical, emotional and mental body and spiritual bodies. This infinite statement of the creative essence of the universe going in and through, radiating from the singular consciousness of who I am as a soul.

Feeling this pulse, I feel the radiance, that flow of consciousness of creation. I listen to the sounds around me, and that same pulse of radiant energy emanating in all the sounds around the environment that I am within upon Mother Earth. I hear it in the wind that blows, as it caresses Mother Earth’s environment. I hear it in the sound of the trees as they are subtly expanding and growing, as they are welcoming this new day as the sun, their light energy source for earthly manifestation, radiates into their cellular and inner structure, but also welcoming this new cycle of growth of expansion and cycle of creation.

I hear this pulse of love in the many animals and birds around me as they joyously sing their own personal songs. They communicate with such Divine love and truth of their very being. They radiate the joy of simply being, in a way this is a wonderful example for those of us living upon Mother Earth.

As I walk my earthly path, I too, sing the joyous song of inner revelation of simply being who I am as a soul. I identify with, as I release all that would restrain and restrict my joyous song, that song, of whom I really am, that which is sung from my very soul.

I become the composite chord of the symphony of love. I recognize with my being, the harmonic statement of the universe that radiates in and through the essence of my soul. I feel the peace and harmony that I am, the love that I am singing forth.

As I observe my physical world, there are many levels of energy that I am feeling. They are patterns of expression that relates to how I feel in the here and now. This present moment of time.

In the physical world, there is a tendency to look not at the opportunity represented in the infinite scope of potential activity, but the limited version of existence and to see boundaries and limitations. This minimizes the flow of energy.

Thinking of the energy patterns in my physical universe, I then consider the energy patterns that transcend and move beyond the physical universe into the omni-verse. The infinite flow of energy on all dimensional experiences that is beyond my comprehension. As I consider the possibility, for energy is infinite, energy is the flow of the consciousness, and the consciousness of creation is infinite. No boundaries, no limitations. Release yourself from the restrictions that hold you back, step forward into the infinite of possibilities of how you can share your love, light and sing your Soul Song to the world.

Rev Nancy Sue “Angel Lady” Meyer @ 8-10-98