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How Crystal Grids are created

My Crystal Grids are created with intuitive guidance for the intended purpose of the goal.  I am guided to use a specific geometric pattern and then guided to place the stones and crystals that are to be used for the intended purpose of directing energy toward of specific goal.  The crystals and stones are placed in the ordered that they are called to be placed and then they are charged and activated by my intention and energy.

Crystal Grids can be created for a simple goal like enhancing a more peaceful deeper sleep to an intention of creating world peace or feeding the entire world.  Truly the combinations and ideas are endless. Whatever your intention may be, the Crystal Grid is an extremely powerful tool when created with clear intention.

You may use, rough, tumbled or faceted stones which are then intuitively placed around what I call the “Master Crystal” which holds space as the primary energy force for the Crystal Grid.

I have created Crystal Grids for the purposes of finding true love, blessing a new marriage, prosperity, healing of self, others, and of the world and Mother Earth.  "I have created a special grid that protects my home and one for the space I work at in the hospital.  I send love, light and healing through them daily.    Some of my grids have been very simple with just a Master Stone and two sets of six crystals each, and others have been as complex as a Master Stone and up to 7 sets of six crystals.  Some teach that Crystals Grid should only contain the Master Stone and up to and no more than 3 sets of crystals of six each.  

I originally started out following what I was taught, but with me being very intuitive and following guidance when it is indeed my truth, I have been guided to create the larger more complex grids and with the end result being extremely positive!  For me, it is my truth to use what I am guided to use each and every time and all with positive end results.

After I complete the assembly of the Crystal Grid using the individually cleansed and charged crystals, I then activate them by connecting them to one another with the intention that I was given.  My Healing Crystal Grids will be left assembled for 30 days in my Healing Room’s Special Sacred Crystal Grid Altar and each morning and evening, I send Love, Light, Healing energies of Reiki and Angelic Healing through them for the intended purpose of each Crystal Grid.

If you are having any healing issues or concerns, or just want to enhance the success of any goal or intention, I would be happy to create a special Crystal Healing Grid for you.

Love, Light & Crystal Blessings & Healings, Rev. Nancy Sue