Trust Your Heart and Soul

It Knows the Way!  

Angelic Reiki Healing Event

September 28th, 2015  -  Starts Monday evening at:

4pm (PST), 5pm (MST), 6pm (CST), 7pm (EST)

Are you familiar with Angelic Reiki Healing??   If so, grab your ticket as you already know this is going to be an amazing healing event for anything you personally need to heal.  

If you are not familiar,  but intrigued or looking for answers to some part of your life?   Please feel free to get your ticket and trust you are in for an Awesome journey! 

Our Angelic Reiki Healing Event will include a photo of the Reiki Crystal Grid Used which will also include all the names of those that are participating for the next 22 days.

We will be working with Archangel Raphael and His Legion of Healing Angels, as well as Our own personal team of Healing Angels.  We will be sending you healing energy each and every evening for 22 days to repair, restore, re-balance and re-vitalize your bodies.

We will be doing an Aura Cleansing, Chakra Cleansing, Opening and Balancing, Sending Love, Light and Healing to each of the Organs, Glands, Muscles, Cells, etc.

We were guided to do this so any and all that want to attend can manage it.  Amazingly Powerful Love, Energy and Healing and it is all for a steal at $77.00....   Don't wait, commit to Your Own healing right now!!

You will be thanking yourself after you experience this Awesome Event and 22 days of healing that will be sent from Divine Source!


However, if you are still interested in attending one - please message us from the contact page.

We will schedule another Similar event!!!!

Tea Time Anyone???   "Would you like to gather with us" and receive some wisdom from our Angelic Team?  "If so I invite you to join us."  

Once you have purchased your ticket for this event, you will receive an email with questions. Please answer and return.   "Once we receive your response" we will then do your Angelic Angel Reading, and return it by email to you prior to the Event date.

On the Event Date and time we will host the event, where we will share with each other (as you are guided) the readings. There will be time if you have questions about your reading during our time together.

Then an extra bonus of a group Reading will be done during the call!!! All for only $22.00 from the comfort of your home, or wherever you choose to be! It will be a fun time to share and support one another. 

If you have any questions about the event - please feel free to email us at:

Please remember this Event is limited in the number we can accept and give the attention to we feel you each deserve. It will be first come first serve. If we have more than what we can accomplish in one event we will discuss with the ones that did not make the cut off for the first event about the possibilities of a second event.

This event is over - however we will do it again!!!   If you have interest please message us on the contact page - we will make sure you know first as this will always be an event that will have limitied space. 

Having Fun with Art Therapy

Having Fun with Art Therapy:  Our world is shifting. We are being asked to expand and awaken.   In each of us there are two main stories.  The one that we create for ourselves in each moment and then the story that we are born to fulfill.  Through each of these stories, we are happy and other times filled with sorrow.  We all have body pain at one time or another.  That pain holds the memories and experiences good and bad. It is up to our consciousness which ones we hang on to and which ones we let pass.   We will learn together how to create our own medicine so that you can live in whatever experience you have had, or will have.  We can use these techniques to recreate your own story so that you can live the very best life that you choose to.  As a sacred group we will share and process the work that we are doing to develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and our journey while having fun together and with ourselves.

TBA - Details to be announced soon!

Courses that are coming:

Setting Boundaries
Self Love, Self Expression, Speaking Your Truth
Validating Your Life's Plan
Lesson/Opportunities - Blocks/Stepping Stones

More coming Soon - check back often

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Emissary Wheel

​Come join us in a 13 week course to learn how to use these attributes more fully in Our Daily lives.

Learning about the Emissary Wheel helps so much in recognizing how these amazing words work in everyday life.....   When learning the practical ways we already use some of them, but being more aware of how they work together in the circle/wheel of Life - helps us learn how to make them work for so much more and so much more smoothly....   With Ease and Grace... Let's face it we all want more of that in our lives.

Let's look at a few of these attributes:

Courage, who doesn't want more of this in their life.  Joy, who doesn't want more joy in their life.

Agape/Love, everyone wants more Love in their lives.  Abundance, let's face it we all want abundance in our worlds.

Our intention for this course is for us all to share our experiences and learn together how we can change and grow together.... With these key foundations - paving the way.  To be a support system for one another.

We all use these attributes in our lives, but let's learn together how to ground them solidly into our lives so that things flow with more ease, and happiness..

PS  Please note that at this time, this course will be offered as an online self pace course.  You will receive a handbook, link to the recorded class, and the option of belonging to a closed fb page where you can ask questions and receive feed back from others.

We will in the future do this course live - when we do, if you have purchased it as a self study you will be contacted to join the live class as well at no additional cost. 

We are so looking forward to meeting and working with all of you!! Blessings Dear Ones!​  

13 weeks - one class per week        -   $122.00

Self Study Course with Closed FB group for ongoing discussion and support.

Date course will be available TBA - but very very soon!  Contact us immediately if you are ready to start, changing your life and living it with the ease and grace that you deserve.

Your Donations
We do donate much of our time and energy to providing services.

We appreciate and use your Donations wisely.  They are invested back into Our Serving All!  

Thank you for Being YOU!
And Bless You!!!
Rev. Tina Marie & Rev. Nancy Sue
and Our Team.