Trust Your Heart and Soul

It Knows the Way!  


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A Star Child's Perspective

Helping those who need help finding their powers, or have just forgotten. Let's come together to bring light and love into this world and help those that need it the most. Let us not forget how special all of us children are.

​-Emma Anne


Our Mission in this life time is to serve.  To teach, share, and bring joy and love to all who seek it.

Join us on this Beautiful Journey, you will be so Happy you did!

Amen, Blessed Be, An So It Is an Shall Be! 

With Much Love,

​Rev. Tina Marie and Rev. Nancy Sue

Truly a beautiful Journey we are on if we open our hearts.

We are Blessed every day with amazing miracles ~ if we have hearts and minds that are open to seeing and feeling them.

Yes we have a bumpy ride sometimes, however with each experience and choice we learn.  

Take those learning experiences, be thankful for them.  Be open to receiving the Blessings and Opportunity without attachment.  

​The Miracles you will then be aware of are Amazing!

Learn to Trust what your Inner Spiritual Heart already knows.  It truly does know and will assist you in living your life with Love, Joy, Peace, Grace and Ease...

We are not meant to struggle ~ So let that go!

Please ask for assistance to find your footing if you are struggling.  

Blessings of So Very Much Love,

Rev. Tina Marie

Your Donations

We do donate much of our time and energy to providing services.

We appreciate and use your Donations wisely.  They are invested back into Our Serving All!  

Thank you for Being YOU!
And Bless You!!!
Rev. Tina Marie & Rev. Nancy Sue
and Our Team.

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Heart and Soul