Trust Your Heart and Soul

It Knows the Way!  


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We do donate much of our time and energy to providing services.

We appreciate and use your Donations wisely.  They are invested back into Our Serving All!  

Thank you for Being YOU!
And Bless You!!!
Rev. Tina Marie & Rev. Nancy Sue

and Our Team.

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Seasons of the Heart:

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall,
Oh the Seasons, I love them all.
How can I compare, the Season’s so sweet,
Each one different, each one unique.

Winter brings such splendor,
Snowflakes fall, skiing for all.
Romantic nights by the fireside,
Warms our hearts so deeply.

Spring time, new birth for all.
Buds sprout forth and begin to bloom.
Walking hand in hand,
Fragrant scents flow within.

Summer, my oh my,
Sunsets on the beach,
Arms around each other,
Warm breezes blow our way.

Falls the time, change for all.
Leaves change color, and then fall.
Only to start a new life for all.
Seasons of the heart, love to all.


Rev Angel Lady Nancy Sue XOXOXO

We have been blessed with so much from our Creator.  One of our Largest Blessings is the Beauty and all Mother Earth Gives us to Survive and Thrive.  Remember to take care of her!

~~Some of our thoughts on our journey here on earth!~~

We are all here by choice and have a mission to fulfill while living our physical lives.

We all choose our own  journey to walk, with free choice.  What and how we choose to move throughout our physical life is completely up to each one of us.  We are not here to judge - But to share LOVE!!!  And to fulfill our journey with Joy, Ease, Abundance and Grace.

We're not against organized religion, and make no judgement against those that choose to practice and thrive there.  But we also realize that there is more for us.  So Lets find our Peace within Ourselves and from there ~ we will find all we have been blessed.​

We are all a part of the Divine.  So Expanding Love and Being Light is what we came here knowing was our journey. Time to come back to where we started and all is LOVE ~~~~ 

We came here being given beautiful gifts.  It is time to come back to the basic's of caring about ourselves, others and the Beautiful Planet we have been given to live upon.  Nurture ourselves, Our fellow man, all beings of the earth as well as our Beautiful Mother Earth that gives and gives to us - and helps us to survive and thrive.

Everyone Is Welcome







We are seeing the transformation and expansion of many – those that have gathered with us on all levels.  Some with doubt, or fear and uncertainty.  Some searching for a better way.  Some wanting more Love, Joy, Peace and Happiness. All  becoming secure in the knowledge of their rightful place in the Divine kingdom.  Moving forward to be the change that is meant to be.  The change may start slowly – but once it begins, there is no going backwards.  The loving shared experiences, time spent in prayer, knowledge and wisdom that is found – all bring us back to our highest self.  Sharing our Divine Light from within - to without has an amazing affect on our lives, those around us, all beings, our earth and the Universe.  It truly is why we are here - to expand more and more into Love!


Take the first step toward personal renewal – join us!  Check our our services, when something feels right - move forward, it is where you are suppose to be in this moment on Your journey You will know!  

Please check out our contact page and the opportunities to be with other like minded souls!

We strive to accept all as they are it is not our place to judge, only to love!